Snoqualmie Mountain
Photo by © <a href="">Mike Baxter</a> / Flickr
Snoqualmie Mountain

Rescuers say that the iPhone app “Find My iPhone” likely saved a hiker’s life after he fell and was trapped in the North Cascade Range of Washington state.

The unidentified hiker was rescued from Alpental on Snoqualmie Mountain after the hiker’s wife accessed her husband’s “Find My iPhone” app, which gave her a better idea of where he was trapped. His wife sent a screenshot of her husband’s approximate location to rescuers. They were able to match the screenshot to a Google Earth image of the actual mountain in order to help find the hiker.

Volunteers searched for over 10 hours looking for the lost hiker. Rescuers were able to get to within 100 feet of him thanks to “Find My iPhone.”

When the hiker was found he was alert. He was taken to Harborview Medical Center for further treatment.

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