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Photo by YouTube/dutchsinse/Hermosillo Sonora Mexico Emergency Management
A half-mile-long crack appeared in an area of northwest Mexico.

Incredible video footage has surfaced showing a massive crack in the earth located in a barren area of northwest Mexico. Check it out below.

According to Sky News, the crack — which is believed to be a half-mile long, 26 feet deep and up to 16 feet across at some points — first appeared last week, completely severing Highway 26 between Hermosillo in the state of Sonora and the coast.

The investigation into the cause of the fissure is currently ongoing, and there are a few different possibilities, El Imparcial newspaper reported. The civil protection unit said it might have been triggered by an earthquake last Sunday. Meanwhile, another possibility is that a levee built by local farmers to contain rainwater had started to leak, starting a massive underground stream which eventually caused the earth above it to collapse.

As Sky News reports, farm workers and vehicles are avoiding the area over fears of unstable ground. A second crack is believed to have appeared near Highway 4 in the same area.

In footage shot by Hermosillo Sonora Mexico Emergency Management, the viewer is treated to the true enormity of the chasm as a flying drone follows its path. Watch the video below.

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