The goTenna is a communication device which pairs wirelessly via Bluetooth-LE with your smartphone, enabling you to text and share your location with other goTenna users without using cell towers, Wi-Fi or satellites.

According to the press release, the hardshell of the goTenna — which is water-resistant, lightweight, and dust-tight — boasts a durable molded nylon and metal construction. In addition, it easily fits into a pocket or attaches to a backpack. It is designed for outdoor use, crowded stadiums, or emergency situations.

“Our mission is two-fold,” said Daniela Perdomo, co-founder and CEO of goTenna. “We want to let people communicate on their own terms whenever and wherever they want and make sure that in times of a true emergency they are able to reach others around them.”

The goTenna offers a detailed mapping system, as well as an app — available for iOS or Android — which enables users to create their own networks and communicate one-on-one, in larger groups, or with anyone in the area, the official statement reads. There is also automatic message retry and message delivery confirmation.

According to, the goTenna — which comes with a rechargeable lithium battery with a 72-hour lifespan during regular use — also offers RSA-1024 encryption and self-destruct messages, as well as a flash memory for thousands of messages.

The goTenna is available at $149.99 for a pair. See below for additional details.

Key App Features

* Send & receive texts for free
* Individual & group messaging with any goTenna in range
* Instantaneous transmission
* Delivery confirmation
* Automatic message retry
* “Shout” broadcasts to others within range
* Emergency chat with all in-range users
* Push notifications

* Free, detailed offline maps of the whole world
* Share locations & points of interest on offline maps
* Proximal friend map & location pinging

* End-to-end encryption
* No central server
* Optional self-destructing messages

Hardware Specifications

* Wireless Bluetooth-LE data connection
* Antenna2-watt radio
* Flash memory good for 1000’s of messages
* Standard micro-USB connector
* Rechargeable Lithium-polymer battery (3-day life)

* Available for devices running iOS 7 or above & Android 4.x or above

* LED status indicator lights
* Nylon attachment strap
* Water-resistantDust-tight

* Size: 5.8 in x 1 in x 0.5 in or 147.3 mm x 25.4 mm x 12.7 mm (when extended, adds 2.2 in or 55.8 mm)
* Weight: 2 oz or 56.7 g

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