CANTEEN KIT: Water Carrier And Mini Grill In One!

Anybody who’s either done military time, scout time or surplus store and website wandering is probably familiar with the classic GI belt canteen in any of its forms, dating from WWI right on down to today. During its lifetime it’s been constructed of aluminum, stainless steel and plastic, and while largely replaced in more modern times by other water carrier systems for our military forces, the basic one-quart outline with screw-on cap hasn’t substantially changed in looks or capacity since the original M1910 was first approved for service, and it’s still popular for civilian day-hikers and other users.

A recent collaboration between the CanteenShop and the Pathfinder School has updated and upgraded the century-old concept while still maintaining the same general size and features, adding utility and function beyond the most commonly encountered olive-drab, plastic GI units introduced in 1962. As the one-quart M1910 evolved, it was paired with a metal canteen cup suitable for cooking and eating uses, along with a stove that could be used with various types of fuel, including trioxane bars, more recent gel packets and just about anything you could stuff into it that would burn, such as twigs, leaves and so on.

The new Stainless Steel Canteen Kit retains the “kidney-shaped” form of the older classics, but now reverts back to stainless steel (18/8 food grade, to be precise) to add the ability to heat water directly in the 39.5-ounce canteen itself over an open fire or coal bed, and modifies the design to a wide-mouthed top that can handle ice cubes and a large Bakelite cap (with silicon seal ring) that dispenses with the traditional chain/plastic tether arrangement. The stainless cup also reverts to the older, sturdy-hinged-style folding handle instead of the more recent “butterfly” swinging wire handles, and it’s larger with a 25-ounce capacity and internal printed graduations in both ounces and milliliters. The grill-top stove stand is sturdy, well ventilated and slotted on one side for easy insertion of various fuel types.

This rugged and practical kit is offered with different carry options, including MOLLE pouches and para cord shoulder straps ranging from $74.95 to $110.00, from the CanteenShop. For more information, visit or call 216-410-5096.

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Lights, fire, blowing action! New Airlighters come partially charged. Typically, re-charging from “dead” to “full” is about 6 hours.

BISON AIRLIGHTER: Now That’s A Fire Maker!

By K. L. Williams

When you’re trekking deep into wild country, your ability to crank up a fire if you get jammed up is the most necessary skill to master. To stay sharp at firecraft, it’s a good idea to practice at home when you can. But not on those special summer nights when the kids want you to light up the ole fire pit. Let’s face it, time is precious, especially when it comes to the kiddies, and busting out the charred tinder and bow-drillin’ until your palms are bleeding just isn’t practical. For those backyard nights or family trips to the country campsite—when you’re not looking to feed your primitive soul—look to the Bison Airlighter.

The Airlighter is designed with grillers, tailgaters and campers in mind. It runs on a patented technology that combines a high-velocity, 4-inch flame with a jet-air stream that ignites charcoal instantly so that you can be cooking in five minutes flat. It’s a safer, cleaner and more efficient way to get your fire or grill ready for action.

With its 2,600-degree flame, the Airlighter basically laughs off wind, rain and stubborn-to-light fuel. Once the charcoal or fire’s kindling is ignited, the Airlighter’s flame is turned off and a built-in, cool-air fan delivers powerful airflow to quickly spread flames throughout the fuel. This portable, multi-purpose Airlighter can be used indoors or out.

Other features include an adjustable grip handle, an LED flashlight for night outings, a storage hook that also doubles as a bottle opener, an air-cooled barrel that keeps the unit cool to the touch at all times, and there’s also an on/off safety switch. The integrated battery in the Bison Airlighter can be used for 30 minutes, or up to 40 barbecue lightings per charge. Designed with a standard USB port, the Airlighter can be charged at home in a wall outlet or in a vehicle, and its flame runs on butane that will last for 15 minutes of constant burn time, enough to light up to 40 barbecue fires.

This super-hot unit carries an MSRP of $99.95. For more, visit or call 845-258-9903. 

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This article originally published in AMERICAN FRONTIERSMAN®  2014-#158 issue. Print and Digital Subscriptions to AMERICAN FRONTIERSMAN®  magazine are available here

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