Onset HOBO MX1101
Onset's HOBO MX1101

Imagine instantly being able to transfer temperature and humidity data to mobile devices … wirelessly.

Onset’s HOBO MX1101 data logger does just that via Bluetooth Smart technology.

The self-contained data logger, which works with Onset’s free HOBOmobile app for logger setup and data management, enables the user to access data over a 100-foot range, at any time, from an iOS mobile device.

Unlike USB loggers, which need to be set up and offloaded while connected to a computer, the HOBO MX1101 temperature/humidity data logger communicates instantly and requires no dedicated equipment beyond an iOS device to configure the logger or read out data.

There are no cables to deal with, no computer software to install, no devices to pair and no Internet access required. This saves considerable time and money and is a particular advantage in applications where data loggers need to be deployed in hard-to-reach spaces or limited-access areas within a facility.

With its audible and visual alarm notifications, the HOBO MX1101 is ideal for use in a range of building monitoring applications, such as tracking storage temperatures in a food warehouse, keeping tabs on humidity levels in a museum or investigating occupant comfort complaints in an office building.

Onset’s HOBOmobile app, a free download from the iOS App Store, makes it a snap to configure HOBO MX1101 temperature/humidity loggers and manage the collected data. Right from an iPhone, users can view data in graphs, check the operational status of loggers, share data files and graph images for analysis in Excel, Numbers and other applications, and store data in the cloud.

HOBOmobile also makes it fast and easy to set up audible alarm notifications so users are immediately notified of problems. For example, if temperatures in a data center climb to a point where equipment overheating may occur or if building humidity conditions reach a point that could lead to mold growth, the MX1101 logger will beep and display alarm notifications so users can take corrective action.

The HOBO MX1101 is available for $135.

For more information on the MX1101 and other products from Onset, please visit OnsetComp.com/mx.

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