Doctors Without Borders Improving Global Access to Vaccines' Webcast
Register For Doctors Without Borders' 'Improving Global Access to Vaccines' Webcast

The following is a release from Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) about the upcoming “Improving Global Access to Vaccines” free webcast. In order to register for the webcast, please visit

     Vaccines are one of the most effective medical tools for protecting the health of our children.

     Over the past few decades, great strides have been made to vaccinate more children against potentially fatal, but wholly preventable, illnesses such as measles, tuberculosis, cholera, and respiratory diseases. Despite these successes, every year one in five children worldwide does not receive the vaccines they need. That’s more than 22 million young lives at risk in one year alone – five times more than the total number of children born annually in the United States.

     MSF aid workers see the consequences of this shortcoming every day: children stricken with vaccine-preventable diseases, mothers walking for hours – or even days – carrying their children to clinics for immunizations, MSF teams grappling with sky-high vaccine prices, and the complicated logistical challenges that make it nearly impossible to vaccinate a vulnerable population.

     On Sept. 10, we bring together a panel of vaccines experts and experienced MSF aid workers to talk about the many challenges of delivering vaccines effectively in developing countries and the obstacles that must be overcome to improve access to immunizations worldwide.

     Our discussion will center on the key issues of temperature-tolerant vaccines, affordability, immunization in emergencies, and ensuring children receive a complete series of vaccinations.

     Viewer participation is encouraged via a chat feature available during the webcast.

Those wishing to donate can do so at

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