“Carry less. Adventure more.”

It’s that slogan that rings very true with SlideBelts new concept line of survival belts.

The company started a KickStarter campaign last month with a goal of $60,000. With a deadline of Sept. 20, the campaign has nearly 1,900 backers and has already raised more than $176,000.

SlideBelts has three different survival belt concepts: The Survivor, the Hunter and the Explorer.

The Survivor is the most basic concept of the belt. It features a base buckle package, which includes a bottle opener, a matte black or stainless steel finish, 2,000-pounds tensile strength and more. It also includes a fire starter.

The Hunter includes the base buckle package, the fire starter and add a multi-tool that features a saw blade, scraper and can opener.

The Explorer encompasses the great features of the Hunter and also adds a built-in GPS for tracking that can be followed on the Internet.

Allowing for 30 distinct size positions at quarter-inch intervals, the belt easily fits most body shapes. They are also waterproof, abrasion resistant, UV protected, flexible in frost and easy to clean.

To learn more about SlideBelts’ new survival belts, please visit the company’s KickStarter campaign page or

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