The purpose of a bug-out bag (BOB) is to allow you to survive for a short period of time—roughly three to five days—during a period of temporary turmoil or while you’re making your way to secure shelter away from the turmoil.

While all good BOBs should share common elements to satisfy several basic needs, the exact contents of your kit should be determined by the situations you are most likely to encounter. You should follow a similar logic in planning your vehicle bug-out bag (VBOB) and adjust the contents accordingly.

You should also supplement your VBOB with additional items stored in your car, but not necessarily in the bag itself. For example, if you typically wear a suit and dress shoes to work, but need to be prepared to walk 10 miles home, keep extra clothes and appropriate shoes in your car.

Here are some items for consideration when making your vehicle bug-out bag.

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