A backyard greenhouse makes harvesting salad greens, tomatoes and other homegrown delicacies possible even in the coldest winter months.  The three greenhouses described below will allow for year-round growing in your own backyard.

Gothic Arch

A gothic arch,  is one of the strongest structural designs known to man. A backyard greenhouse from Gothic Arch Greenhouse can stand up to extremes of snow and wind.  Designed by a 67-year-old family-owned company in Mobile, Alabama, these greenhouse kits are hand-crafted in the USA for onsite construction.

The heart of a Gothic Arch Greenhouse is the Bald Cypress wood framing. The cypress wood framing is not only attractive but is far sturdier and more energy efficient than units built with metal frames. The cypress wood is also extremely resistant to water and insect damage and makes this a wonderful option for year-round harvesting.

The hand-crafted structural arches are always at an ideal angle toward the sun. It is easy to maintain optimal temperature ranges under its vaulted curves. If growing taller specialty crops such as tomatoes,  pole beans, cucumbers or tropical trees is on your list, the high-profile ridge of a Gothic Arch Greenhouse makes it the perfect choice. The Gothic Arch design prevents snow accumulation on the roof and encourages condensation run-off inside the greenhouse.

There are three covering options available: corrugated polycarbonate, 8mm twin-wall polycarbonate, and 8mm triple-wall polycarbonate. There are also a variety of foundation options available. The flexible design of the Gothic Arch Greenhouse allows it to be installed directly on the ground or it can be placed on a foundation wall to raise the height of the roof. The five greenhouse widths to choose from include: 8 feet, 12 feet, 14 feet, 18 feet, and 22 feet. Lengths begin at 8 feet and are expandable in 4-foot increments. Prices for the most popular size, 12′ by 12′ start at $3,465.

To get started on year-round planting and for more information, visit or call 800-531-4769.

Northern Heritage

The Northern Heritage Greenhouse, made from solid cedar will bring beauty to any backyard. It features an energy efficient design and the latest in glazing materials. “Glazing” is the covering material that encloses the greenhouse and traps the heat from the sun to keep plants warm. The glazing used on the Northern Heritage Greenhouse is the same polycarbonate used for windshields in fighter planes. It just doesn’t get sturdier than that! This glazing also provides increased insulation and sunlight absorption for optimum growing conditions.

Made from Western Red Cedar using 2″ x 3″, 2″ x 4″, and 2″ x 6″ lumber, this easy-to-assemble greenhouse frame is much stronger than typical wood greenhouses. All components are precut, and screw holes are predrilled to make assembly fast and easy.

The 9-foot tall roof peak allows for optimal sun exposure and easily sheds snow in the winter. To control the extreme heat in the summer, an automatic fan system is included. There is also a thermostat that controls the system to turn on the exhaust fan and pull in fresh air through 20″ by 20″ motorized shutters.

 Made by Charley’s Greenhouse in Washington State, a typical 8′ by 12′ greenhouse kit with 16mm polycarbonate glazing sells for $5,390.

To order and view other options, visit or call 800-322-4707. Mention code “NHG” and receive a free greenhouse bench.

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Solexx Harvester

Have limited space for a greenhouse and want to grow your own organic food all year long? Measuring 8′ by 8′, the Solexx Harvester Greenhouse is designed to stand alone or hug the side of your house or fence and is perfect for smaller spaces. This completely enclosed greenhouse is designed for maximum strength, insulation and solar heat collection year round. The 6.5-foot tall by 36-inch wide door provides easy access to the growing area.

The Harvester provides a double-tiered bench frame on one side and a single bench frame on the other for taller plants. 

An essential feature of the greenhouse is the Solexx brand greenhouse covering. The twin-wall material diffuses light to create ideal growing conditions inside for healthier plants as well as providing the highest rated insulation available in hobby greenhouses. Unlike many other small greenhouses, the combination strong frame with Solexx corrugated plastic greenhouse covering makes the Harvester Greenhouse strong enough to withstand powerful wind. It is also backed by a 10-year warranty. The Solexx Harvester sells for $2,316 from The Greenhouse Catalog. For more, visit or call 800-825-1925. 

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