For the Winter 2015 issue of SURVIVOR’S EDGE, author Will Dabbs offered a list of everyday safeguards people can take in the face of pandemic disease like Ebola and the constantly evolving threat of influenza. Dabbs provided a number of preventative measures to combat the spread of a deadly virus, as well as a sobering history of pandemic diseases that once circled the globe.

“History provides us with countless dark examples. The Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 circled the planet and killed six percent of the world’s population. The Black Death swept across Europe from 1346 to 1353, using rats and similar vermin as disease carriers, obliterating
as much as 60 percent of the population,” noted Dabbs. “Even today, the Ebola virus arises cyclically from the darkest reaches of equatorial Africa to kill a few hundred unfortunate souls and then retreat back from whence it came. The dirty little secret is that we are just about as vulnerable today to epidemic disease as were our ancestors.”

As Dabbs began to describe his tips for prevention, he explained that many were common-sense solutions that could provide an increased deadly barrier between you and the threat of a spreading virus.

“For all our high-tech medical wizardry, our defense against pestilence such as this is still fairly primitive. Survival in
the face of the inevitable onslaught of pandemic disease is not nearly as sexy as desperate scientists working feverishly in a lab to produce vaccines in sufficient quantities to inoculate the planet,” said Dabbs. “Whether you live or die in the face of an epidemic can be more a function of washing your hands and cooking your food properly than some high-dollar medical enterprise.”

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