For the Winter 2015 issue of SURVIVOR’S EDGE, author Fred Mastison laid out blueprints for long-term survival scenarios in the wake of aftermaths lasting from one week to one year. Mastison divided each scenario into essential equipment (water, food, emergency equipment, weapons, etc.) and how it would need to be adapted for each timeline.

“Weapons should be considered if you are serious about month-long survival. Society has a way of falling apart when major events occur. Most folks will drive on and do their best to survive until order can be reestablished. Some, however, see it as an opportunity to cause chaos,” said Mastison as he discussed security for a one-month timeline. “This crowd will not prepare for a prolonged challenge, and they may see you as a source for something they need. They may not ask politely. It will be a desperate time for many, and they have the potential to take serious measures. At minimum you should have a semi-auto pistol chambered in 9mm.”

Moving to the six-month timeline, Mastison upgraded his security equipment to include several versatile rifle designs for hunting and self-defense.

“When you consider the six-month timeframe, a firearm is not really optional at this point. This now applies to both personal protection and hunting, so we will add a rifle to the mix. Your hunting skill and location will determine what rifle you choose. A seasoned deer hunter in the Midwest could choose a Remington 700 as a versatile rifle. Someone trapped in the suburbs may need a Henry Arms AR-7 survival rifle in .22 LR. This design is small, portable and great for small-game hunting.”

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