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Get ready to grow life, love and food with your new Garden on Wheelz. Gardening in small spaces has become easier than ever. You no longer need acres of land to provide organic, delicious and life-sustaining food for your family. All you need is the new Garden on Wheelz by LifeCycle Gardens.

This mobile raised garden bed has a wheelbarrow design and offers adjustable-height gardening to benefit all types of gardeners. The Garden on Wheelz allows the gardener to sit or stand, and is designed for a wide range of users including kids, the elderly, the physically challenged and gardening enthusiasts working from wheelchairs. Its mobility makes it easy to grow beautiful produce anywhere and is ideal for urban settings, patios, balconies, sunrooms and the like. Not happy with where you have planted your garden? No worries, just roll it to a more ideal location.

SO IT GROWS:The sturdy legs can be adjusted from 30 to 37 inches high and can help minimize pest and animal intrusion into the garden bed. Because it can be used either indoors or out and can be easily moved, it allows the gardener to start seeds early indoors and increase the growing season by two months depending on the region.

WATER CATCHER:The Garden on Wheelz features a self-contained watering reservoir and a built-in water recycling system, which catches nutrient-rich run-off water from the reservoir in a watering can positioned inside the storage bin below. This design allows for the reuse of excess water by recycling it back into the garden. The unit is made of UV-resistant, food-grade plastic and is 44.5 inches long by 24 inches wide.

THE INSPIRATION: The Garden on Wheelz was invented and patented by entrepreneur Justin Connell who found inspiration to start his own company at age 19 after suffering a serious college basketball injury that ended his career. His mission now is to create a company with a product line to help people become more sustainable, more aware of their food sources and healthy by having easy access to organic food.
The Garden on Wheelz sells for $299.

ROLLING ONWARD:In an effort to spread the word and better educate children, LifeCycle Gardens has implemented programs across the country to bring the Garden on Wheelz to local schools. Their “100 gardens for 100 schools” program was designed to promote healthy eating habits in children. To learn more about LifeCycle Gardens’ educational programs, please

It has never been easier to grow your own garden. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get up and grow!

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