The Winter 2015 issue of SURVIVOR’S EDGE featured Kellie Nightlinger’s first-person account of what it was like to survive in the African bush country on Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid. Nightlinger, along with her show partner EJ Snyder, was forced to endure extreme temperatures and predators for 21 days as they made their way through some of the most remote country on the planet without the most basic provisions.

“That first evening we made a shelter as well as we could before nightfall. It was not lion, leopard or hyena proof. It was the best we could do with no shoes, limited resources and only a few hours of daylight to work with. We looked up at the stars through our shelter that night,” said Nightlinger. “In Tanzania at that time of year, there is no way to make roofing material in that short of time. There are no trees with broad leaves and the small leaves dry up and crumble away in the wind in the arid heat. We discussed our fears, our hopes and made lists of tasks to complete.”

Over the course of 21 days, Nightlinger and Snyder were forced to depend on their elite wilderness skills to provide the food, water and shelter necessary to surviving their ordeal.

“There, in this dried-up river valley, we lived, we survived, we laughed and we cried. We ate ants, ant larvae, tadpole soup, mongoose, tons of catfish, pigeon peas, African sweet potatoes, wild fruits not known to be consumed by modern humans and chewed the roots of a tree for liquid,” said Nightlinger. “We made primitive fire after days of failed attempts with materials we did not know from a continent we had never been to before.”

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