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AvaTech — a Park City, Utah-based company specializing in snow safety solutions — has announced the release of the SP1, a device which reads snowpack structure, slope angle and aspect, and geo-tags the data and uploads it to the the company’s AvaNet cloud platform. Watch the video below for a closer look.

“The SP1 is the result of over two years of rigorous design, technology development and testing,” explains Brint Markle, co-founder and CEO of AvaTech. “The SP1 is designed to help professionals understand the snowpack more quickly, accurately and objectively, and then share that information with the broader mountain community.”

According to the press release, the AvaTech SP1 boasts a rugged construction with a collapsible 150 centimeter probe that folds into your backpack and weighs approximately one pound. The SP1 can be wirelessly synced with a smartphone and the AvaNet cloud platform, meaning that “data can then be shared with a user community with the ability to search, track and discuss SP1 profiles and manual observations anywhere.”
The information uploaded from the SP1 to AvaNet will enable snow professionals to make better decisions with consistent data.

To preorder an AvaTech SP1 for this winter, please visit Limited-time discounts will be offered to the professional snowsports community through October 6, 2014.


* See the snowpack: Measure snowpack structure, slope angle and aspect, and geo-tag it all within seconds.
* Innovative & Objective: Make better decisions with consistent, objective data powered by proprietary technology developed at MIT.
* Rugged & Portable: Rugged construction with a collapsible 150cm probe that folds easily in your backpack and weighs about one pound.
* Connect & Share: Wirelessly send snowpack data to your smartphone and the cloud. Share with colleagues and the community.

For more information about the AvaTech SP1, please visit

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