What’s not to love about goats? They will feed you, clean up the overgrown mess in the fields, and take long hikes with you while carrying your supplies. They will make you laugh when you’re sad, provide extra income for even the smallest farm, carry you to town and back in a little cart, and perhaps best of all, they will gaze upon your face with earnest adoration. Most of us though, are excited about the prospect of keeping goats for their deliciously sweet milk and low-fat, nutritious meat. Goats’ milk is consumed in larger quantities by more people, than cows’ milk. A staggering 65 percent or more of the world’s population choose goat over cow’s milk for reasons other than availability or economics. Perhaps even more surprising, over 60 percent of all red meat consumed worldwide is goat meat. Goat meat has substantially less than half the fat of chicken, beef, pork, or lamb. To keep, the goat is both a pleasure and all-round multitasker.

Throughout the years, I have talked to hundreds of goat owners across North America who have responded to Why do you keep goats? with diverse replies. This article lists the 7 most common reasons for keeping goats.

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