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No Stink Collar in Babylon


The All Style, No Stink Collar by Dublin Dog combines the best features of styling, functionality and durability for man’s best friend. In 2006, owner and creator of Dublin Dog, Jason Watson, was driving home from a weekend adventure with his two dogs, Kona and Jake. As he looked at the toll their outdoor activities had taken on his dogs’ collars, he caught a glimpse of his watch and inspiration hit—“What if I created something for dogs made from the same polymer material used in sports watches, a waterproof, non-porous dog collar that would prevent that all too familiar aroma of stale laundry that trailed us home from every adventure?” And so, the All Style, No Stink dog collar by Dublin Dog was born.

NO FUSS, NO MUSS: This waterproof collar will not retain dirt or harbor odor-producing bacteria, and it is easy to clean with just a little soap and water. Colorful and vibrant designs still keep Fido looking his best while enjoying the mud, water and outdoor fun he loves so much. The custom brass hardware with brushed satin finish is strong enough to tow a full-size pick-up truck! Designed and assembled in the U.S., the All Style, No Stink dog collar is designed with the active dog in mind!

ON-THE-GO GOODS: Dublin Dog also offers a variety of dog beds, as well. The Nomad Pad will allow a comfortable rest after that long day of playing in the great outdoors. It is easy to transport with its quick-roll-up cinch straps and integrated handle. Your dog will love how comfortable it is with its soft polar fleece sleeping area.

REPURPOSING: Of special note, Dublin Dog’s recycling program also allows you to give back to those dogs still looking for a home. Return your used Dublin Dog collar and the company will donate it to an area animal shelter or foster home for dogs still waiting for their great big adventure! In return, Dublin Dog will give you 15 percent off your next purchase.

For more, visit dublindog.com or call 866-707-1231.        

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