Gun Jimmy
Photo by Walhog Wilderness

As black powder hunters know, moisture and dirt are a gun’s worst enemy. Unfortunately, weather conditions and the environment often make it difficult to avoid these elements. When water gets into the barrel of your gun it can lead to rust and fowling, while debris in the barrel can negatively affect the accuracy and safety of the weapon. The best way to avoid these problems is to seal the bore of your gun.

Walhog Wilderness’ Gun Jimmy is a rubber condom for a firearm. The Gun Jimmy can easily be put on the end of a gun by removing it from its wrapper and unrolling it over the top of the barrel. The 100% latex Jimmy, made in the USA, is strong enough to keep dirt and moisture out of the barrel, but also soft enough to be shot through without compromising the shooting accuracy of your firearm. This durable and affective product can be left over the barrel of your firearm during any trip and will provide the protection you need during your entire hunt.  One package contains two Gun Jimmys. One fits pistols and rifles and the other fits shotguns and muzzleloaders. From more information regarding this is and other Walhog Wilderness products visit or call 72-228-9453

This article originally published in AMERICAN FRONTIERSMAN® 2014-#158 issue. Print and Digital Editions to AMERICAN FRONTIERSMAN® magazine are available here 

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