For those who love the outdoors and love to capture every moment, Cotton Carrier has the perfect product.

Filming a hike or a hunt, among many other things, using a GoPro has become very popular in recent years. Now comes a way for adventurers to capture every angle or every moment.

Cotton Carrier’s new POV Bracket offers action camera photographers an exciting new way to capture the action hands-free from any angle.

While other action camera brackets remain in a fixed position, or only allow limited up-or-down tilting, the Cotton Carrier POV bracket can rotate 360 degrees. Instead of just straight ahead shots, an action camera on a Cotton Carrier POV bracket can shoot to the side, down to the ground or even straight up for an in-the-action “selfie.”

The POV Braclet features Cotton Carrier’s camera hub system and mounts into any Cotton Carrier product. POV is also sold with the StrapShot, which easily attaches to most backpack straps. The bracket is a solid piece of aluminum.

The POV Bracket retails for $49 and is available now. The StrapShot system is available for an additional $30.

For more information on the POV Bracket and other products from Cotton Carrier, please visit

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