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The Eloo C-60, manufactured by SWSLoo, Inc., now operating as Enviro Loo USA (ELUSA), is a cutting edge evaporative toilet which requires no infrastructure, water, electricity, chemicals or additives.

The Eloo C-60 is constructed of black polyethylene plastic to absorb the sun’s heat. According to the official website, it is designed for 60 uses per day, or 30 people all day. It is 84 inches long, 36 inches wide, and 51 inches tall. It goes into the ground approximately 36 inches, or the height to meet floor level. It also uses “directed, convective airflow to evaporate and dehydrate the collected human waste,” the product listing reads. The waste is reduced to a dry, ash-like material, which is then disposed of in accordance with local county, state and Federal laws.

Designed for locations that have limited access to water, the Eloo C-60 is perfect for remote areas, cabins and cottages, ranches and farms, campgrounds and parks, sports fields, golf courses, marinas and mines, highway rest stops, construction areas, beaches and lakes.

In addition to the Eloo C-60, Enviro Loo USA/SWSLoo, Inc. sells a residential model, the R-60, and the SWS-1040 Industrial Model for high usage. MSRP for the Eloo ranges from $2,000 to $6,000, depending on the model.


* Uses only the Wind and the Sun
* Uses no water or chemicals
* Needs no electricity or batteries
* No odor and no flies
* Very low maintenance -substantially reduces waste removal
* Zero discharge – nothing goes on or into the ground
* Enormous capacity: 15-60 uses per day (depending on model)
* No effluent will flow out during flooding, and flooding does not damage the unit.

For more information about the Eloo C-60, including installation instructions and an overview of the technology it uses, please visit http://www.swsloo.com

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