disaster relief housing
Photo by Jetsongreen.com
The unveil of Garrison Architect's prototype of disaster relief housing for New York City.

According to jetsongreen.com:

    The firm Garrison Architects in collaboration with New York City recently unveiled the prototype of a modular prefabricated housing system. The structures were developed for quick deployment in the event of another hurricane like Sandy, or other natural disaster. By the looks of it, the houses were also very much inspired by shipping container architecture.

The prefab houses will measure 480-square-feet to 813-square-feet, while the individual units that comprise them measure only 40-feet by 100-feet long.

Their size will make it possible to fit the homes in small, vacant spaces in the city. However, don;t let their small size fool you. These homes come equipped with 1 to 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, bathroom and storage area.

What makes these homes even more practical for emergency situations is their energy efficient ventilation system, which delays need for air conditioning. Each unit can be entirely self-sufficient, making them ideal in the event of a water shortage and power loss following a natural disaster.

Jetson Green reports:

    The architects worked with the New York City Office of Emergency Management in creating the first prototype of these units. The collaboration was a success since they managed to reduce the planning and building time from 2 to 3 years, to 4 to 6 months. All the prefabricated units they created can be deployed and installed within 15 hours. Currently, the city is working on finding sites where these modular homes could be placed in the event of another disaster.

While the housing units are not actually made of shipping containers, their design is highly inspired by the eco-friendly architectural trend of using shipping containers as the structural base for homes. Nevertheless, these homes are made from recyclable materials, and there is no formaldehyde in the woodwork making them a very eco-friendly addition to NYC’s disaster relief housing options.

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