The Mini Hozuki lantern is a small, durable backpacking LED lantern that was born out of the original Hozuki design. Using a silicon globe and magnetic ball, the Mini Hozuki Lantern utilizes its flexible design to increase durability by bending instead of breaking. The light emitted from the lantern is a warm candle-like tone, unlike many lanterns which emit harsh white light, making it perfect for your tent. You can choose from three brightness settings (low, medium or high) so you can illuminate your whole campsite or just your tent. The Mini Hozuki Lantern’s powerful magnetic fastener makes it easy to latch onto your pack or set up it your tent. This lantern is not reserved for the outdoors. It also makes a great indoor reading light. The lantern runs on three AAA batteries providing up to 70 hours of operation on low or 40 hours on high. For more information on the Mini Hozuki Lantern visit or call 503-697-3300.


SKU ES-040(WH, GY, GR, BL)
Material Polycarbonate Plastic, Abs Resin, Acrylic Resin, Silicone Rubber, Aluminum
Weight 1.9 oz. | 54 g (without batteries)
Dimensions 2.2″ D x 2″ H | 56 x 51 mm
Lighting Hours High: 40 Hrs, Low: 70 Hrs. Strobe: 180 Hours
Brightness 60 Lumens
Power Source 3 (AAA) Alkaline Batteries or (NiMh/Zrb Rechargeable)
Made-in China

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