NRA Whittington Center Adventure camp
Photo by Mark Kayser
Cole Kayser at the gate to the NRA Whittington Center

The NRA Whittington Center Adventure Camp, held annually in Raton, New Mexico, offers youth an unparalleled experience in outdoor education. The NRA-led camp provides young men and women from all walks of life with an opportunity to learn about the shooting sports and safe firearms handling while experiencing the thrill of the hunt.

Putting on these camps wouldn’t be possible without the help and donations of industry-related companies like Trijicon. The company has donated many of the program’s optics, including its AccuPoint riflescopes, ACOG scopes and RMR red-dot sights to help NRA instructors teach the safe fundamentals of handgun, rifle, muzzleloader and shotgun shooting.

The camp extends this experience far beyond range basics, strengthening each camper through training in such activities as wilderness map reading, hunting camp prep, tracking, care of harvested game and an understanding of wildlife management practices—all in lessons designed to encourage leadership and build team spirit.

NRA Whittington Center
Metal silhouettes are the norm for most of the rifle ranges at the Whittington Center.

“We firmly believe that the NRA Whittington Center Adventure Camp is one of the world’s finest youth-oriented outdoor programs,” said Susan Belanger, Trijicon’s senior marketing coordinator. “We have personally attended these events and feel confident that our participation helps to encourage the next generation of American hunters and shooters.”

Each Adventure Camp culminates in the Trijicon-sponsored hunting skills competition. The course is designed to present campers with real-world hunting scenarios in a simulated experience in which they must verify proper licenses, safely navigate the trails with rifles and ammo and determine if the shot is ethical and, if appropriate, execute a lethal shot. Each winner is presented with a new Trijicon AccuPoint riflescope for their achievements. For more information, visit or call 800-338-0563.

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