A livestock guardian dog is the perfect dog for anyone who lives on a farm, has livestock and may need protection for the livestock or themselves. Robyn Poyner from Missouri says she can’t put a price tag on her farm dogs’ value. Poyner owns Poyner Goat Company. She said, “Before I had livestock guardian dogs, I was losing one or two goats a week to the two-legged predator (man). After I purchased a dog, I haven’t lost a goat since.”

Finding the right breeder isn’t simple. “Many people who breed LGD’s breed them for show, and although a show-quality dog might look nice, not all of them have the guarding instinct in them,” Poyner said. “My dogs are around my goat kids from the moment they are born and protect them from everything including other dogs and people. People who want a LGD to be protective of livestock should do some research and buy a dog from a breeder who breeds the dogs as guardians.”

Let the following guide be the starting point for you to find your homestead’s new best friend.

For more information on LGDs and farm dog breeds visit:

• Poyner Goat Company; 417-442-4970

• Melport Meadows; 608-654-7999

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