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The Winter 2015 issue THE NEW PIONEER featured an article by Dan Shechtman on how to start your own firewood business. A veteran of the industry for more than 30 years, Shechtman laid out what a newcomer could do to help ensure their profits.

“You will need a supply source and space to work and store your firewood. When word gets around that you give good measure, honest cords of seasoned hardwoods at a fair price, demand will challenge supply,” noted Shechtman. “Early on, I let local tree companies know that I was willing to come out to the job and haul away their take-downs. An issue for many small companies is how to dispose of their big wood. Today’s chippers eat much of the limb wood that used to be the easy picking. Most small tree companies don’t waste manpower or equipment on producing firewood.”

Shechtman also detailed what tools someone looking to start a firewood business would need, including cutting gear and the ever-important mode of transportation.

“If you have the right attitude and a source of logs, then it comes down to equipment. Equipment is divided into transportation, woodcutting and log splitting. For the budding seller of firewood it is prudent to use what one already has or what one can acquire on the cheap. I have seen guys get the firewood bug and before they split one log they have gone into serious debt. I began with my half-ton Ford, put sides on it, and on a good day I could carry about three quarters of a cord. Sure, sometimes the muffler would scrape bottom, but for a while it did the job,” said Shechtman. “I learned quickly that people want to buy firewood by the cord. No way you can get a cord of hardwood in a half-ton pickup, and that was a problem. For a while I pulled a homemade trailer and then made the leap to a bare bones F-250 powered by that rock-solid Ford 300 six.”

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