PlotWatcher Pro Trail Camera
Photo by Day 6 Outdoors

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Hunters using a PlotWatcher Pro trail camera should resist the urge to get rid of their standard trail cameras. With a PlotWatcher Pro’s long-range, low-impact scouting capabilities, you can’t blame a hunter for wondering if it’s time to sell their old cameras. However, when used in conjunction with a PlotWatcher Pro, there’s still a good scouting use for a sensor-triggered camera.

The significant advantage of a PlotWatcher Pro is its time-lapse technology that gives a hunter the ability to scout without disturbing a buck’s core area. A standard camera needs to be placed where a buck is going to pass by close enough to trigger the sensor. That can be done effectively, but only when a hunter already has good information about a buck’s travel patterns. With standard trail cameras, it often takes time, multiple cameras and multiple trips into a buck’s core area to dial in the buck’s patterns.

The time-lapse technology found in a PlotWatcher can capture images of a large swatch of ground, whether it’s a food plot, powerline opening, field edge, creek crossing or woods road. The PlotWatcher Pro takes a picture every few seconds. It doesn’t have to be triggered by movement within feet of a sensor like a standard trail camera, so the low-impact, long-range scouting possibilities of a PlotWatcher Pro are endless. Even a big stretch of open hardwoods can be monitored, or mount a PlotWatcher Pro up high to monitor an entire clearcut. Hunters can see game and observe travel patterns that would have otherwise gone undetected by traditional trail cameras.

Then, once a hunter gets that vital information about a buck’s travel habits, traditional trail cameras can be used with care and precision so the buck isn’t bumped by too much human disturbance.

The images taken with a PlotWatcher can be viewed in a time-lapse video with remarkable speed. A hunter can review footage from a 12-hour day in approximately 3 minutes.

The original PlotWatcher from Day 6 Outdoors revolutionized scouting camera technology and functionality. The new PlotWatcher Pro takes the revolution to the next level. The PlotWatcher Pro has the best battery life of time-lapse cameras, lasting up to 4 months on a set of 8 AA batteries. It can record up to 1 million images, which are saved directly to video format with Tru-Video. Using the included GameFinder software with MotionSearch, you can review hours of video quickly and easily find frames in which movement is detected.

Scouting with a PlotWatcher Pro is a game changer for serious hunters, whether it’s the preseason when hunters want to inventory their potential shooter bucks or during the season when low-impact scouting is needed.

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