Patriot Protection offers a self-defense training experience unlike any traditional gun range. Traditional live-fire range safety considerations restrict shooters from practicing skills they would need in a real-world life-threatening situation. Standing in a fixed position and shooting at a static paper target provides limited opportunity to develop the critical techniques required to survive a gunfight. Patriot Protection encourages shooting on the move, shooting rapid fire, reloading while moving for cover, and more. Most significantly, the company exposes clients to the stresses of shooting at human opponents who are actively shooting back. There is no danger of injury, but the “pain penalty” of being shot with a non-lethal UTM (Ultimate Training Munitions) round instills realistic anxiety and emotions similar to what they would encounter in real-life scenarios.

Whether the students are law enforcement, armed professionals or civilians, each course is specifically designed to provide each individual the skills they need to reach their maximum potential. The comprehensive courses are delivered in both the simulated training grounds, complete with obstacles and barriers, as well as in a classroom setting, where debrief sessions cover everything from local and national firearms laws and regulations to what you should do after shots have been fired.

The instructors come from a comprehensive range of training backgrounds, including military and law enforcement experience, and the Patriot Protection training grounds provide one of the only “shoot house” facilities authorized to instruct with UTM rounds for civilian training. Recently, the company’s Couples In Home Defense course has received increasing attention, as learning how to defend against home invasions and other real-life threat scenarios with your partner or spouse makes a good deal of sense for those interested in firearms training.

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