Android phones serve a lot of different purposes.

Now, thanks, to Therm-App from Opgal Optronic Industries Ltd., you can add thermal imaging to that growing list.

With 384×288 pixel resolution and long range detection in complete darkness (up to 500m), Therm-App turns Android smartphones into powerful thermal cameras.

Therm App is capable of video and image recording and sharing, and features an interchangeable lenses system, with effective detection of faraway targets through its long range (19mm) lens, and a wider view through its 6.8mm lens.

The lightweight and compact Therm-App also features a dual mode: Thermography or Thermal night vision.

With thermography, or the visual measurement of temperatures, the Therm-App device uses color temperature mapping between 5°C and 90°C and features available palettes of rainbow, iron and grayscale. Therm-App’s thermography abilities have been utilized by physicians around the globe to diagnose fevers.

Thermal night vision can be used by police, security, special forces, search & rescue, hunters and farmers to enhance capabilities while on the job.

The Therm-App device normally retails for $1,600, but is currently on sale for $999.

For more information on the Therm-App, please visit

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