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adventureusa.net offers a wide selection of survival gear that has been tested by Armed Forces around the world.

Florida-based survival gear specialist, BCB International LLC, runs on the philosophy, “saving and protecting lives in hostile environments through innovation”.

Their products have been used during the first successful climb “the hard way” or Everest’s South West Face, during polar expeditions, and numerous military and marine adventures.

After developing recent products, like  bomb-proof Blast Boxers and shark repellent, BCB has gained a reputation of creating gadgets and gizmos fit for James Bond-like adventures.

Now for the first time, the company is making available to the public some of the equipment  that have been used by generations of Armed Forces around the world through its online retail service adventureusa.net

BCB International’s retail sales manager, Shawn Spilde, said:

“BCB International LLC has built up unique knowledge and experience in developing pioneering life-saving equipment for those operating  hundreds and thousands of miles away in often challenging environments.

“Behind each product are many years of attention to quality and care.  Over the years, members of the public have been telling us how much they would love to be able to purchase some of our products directly.  We have listened and I am pleased to say that through this online store, they will now be able to buy directly from us outdoor living and survival products  including  eye-catching Christmas stocking fillers like our compact survival kits which are typically used by soldiers to get out of tricky situations. “

To get your hands on some 007-quality gear for the holidays, visit adventureusa.net

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