The Florida-based survival gear specialist’s BCB International has developed a breakthrough in military body armor.

This new type of body armor inflates when it comes into contact with water, making it ideal for any military or law enforcement personnel working in a maritime setting.  If the wearer were to be shot or injured in the line of duty and fell into a heavy body of water, such as a lake or the sea, BCB’s Inflatable Body Armor System would automatically inflate within seconds of coming into contact with water.

There are other existing body armor products on the market that can also inflate but they tend to do go outside the armor and run the risk of being damaged if the wearer is attacked by gunfire. BCB’s Inflatable Body Armor System is the first in the world able to handle 275 Newtons of buoyancy, meaning that even if the wearer is carrying lots of heavy gear, the armor will still keep them afloat.

To learn more about this and other BCB products visit their website;

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