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The Tactical 1600 Hydration System, 100 oz., coyote by Geirgerring is just one of the tactical backpacks offered on BackpackingGearpro.com

Attention all backpackers, wilderness adventurers and lovers of the great outdoors!  JMH Global Soultions has just launched a new website that will provide you with a wide selection of tactical gear and backpacking products including gear bags, tactical backpacks, gearslingers, and outdoor tools. 

Founder of JMH Global Solutions, LCC, June Hiraki, was inspired to start her website, BackpackingGearPros.com, because she knew how important it was for backpackers to have the gear that they needed. She set up the website to provide high quality backpacks, knives, and other backpacking tools at reasonable prices. 

The site features a broad range of high-quality backpacking gear including, Geigerrig hydration backpacks, military backpacks, Maxpedition bags, tactical ops knives, gear bags, diamond knife sharpeners, Monsoon gearslingers, and much more. 

As the site develops, Hiraki would like to expand the product lines offered on her site to include flashlights, dive lights, compasses, flashlight accessories, multi blade knives, outdoor apparel, and more. She would eventually like to add motorcycle helmets, kid’s toys, and craft supplies. 

To learn more about BackpackingGearPros.com visit the site’s blog, BackpackNeeds.com. The blog covers information related to the website and backpacking products. Hiraki will be writing about how to use backpack hydration systems, information about new items for backpacking, features of the products offered on her site, and the benefits of having different items with you when you are outdoors. 

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