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Overdose kit provided by the Austin Box "12" Foundation to the Enid Police Department.

First Responders in Enid, OK received a donation of the fast-acting drug Naloxone, from the Austin Box “12” Foundation. This drug is an important tool in saving the lives of opioid drug overdose victims.

Football star and Enid native Austin Box died in 2012 from an overdose of prescription drugs. His father, Craig Box, told that it was a goal of the foundation set up in his son’s name to distribute naloxone kits to local first responders.

In a ceremony this week, Craig Box helped hand over 26 overdose kits to representatives of the agencies.

Inside each kit are two doses of nasal-delivery naloxone, which was approved for use by first responders last year.

It’s considered an antidote to overdose because it knocks the drug off opiate receptors in the brain. That, said EFD Training Officer Jon Kiernan to, can help restore a person’s breathing.

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Tool such as this Naloxone kits are limited among fire and police departments, compared to ambulences. But, it it often fire and police departments that arrive on the scene before ambulances do.

“Up until now, (naloxone) was an IV-push drug, so all we could do was CPR until Life got there. But with this, we can try to get them back before Life gets there,” Kiernan said. “It gives us a big opportunity. Five or 10 minutes can be a big difference with patients.”

A Naloxone kit will be included in Enid’s police department’s first aid kits that go one duty with each officer.

“(Naloxone) was not in existence when my son passed away. It’s effective, helpful and it will help save lives at a relatively inexpensive price,” said Craig Box. “The foundation is obviously excited about them and believes in the positive effects of them for first responders who can use them. We’re more than happy to donate the funds to purchase them.”

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