Photo by Katie Melua via Instagram
The spider that was removed from Melua's ear. She released the little creature into her garden after it was extracted from the ear.

We have all heard the nursery rhyme about the “itsy bitsy spider” , but for British singer Katie Melua, the itsy bitsy spider crawled right into her ear and required the help of an ear specialist to wash it out.

Melua, who recently had the spider extracted from her ear, believes that it has been living there for an entire week.

According to The Gaurdian:

The singer said she had been bothered by a rustling sound in her ear and went to the doctor, who used a micro-vacuum cleaner to remove the creature. The 30-year-old Georgian-British singer believes the spider – identified as a member of the Salticidae or jumping spider family – had found its way into a pair of earbud headphones.

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While the experience of having a live spider removed from her ear was an unpleasant one, a spokeswoman for Melua said that, apart from the shuffling noises that the creature made in her ear, the spider was not much of a bother for the entire week that it resided in the ear. In fact, Melua was relieved after finding out that it was only a spider causing the noise and that she was not losing her hearing.

It is not unusual for small insects and arachnids to find their way inside of people’s ears.

The US National Institutes of Health advises people who think they have an insect in their ear not to reach in, since it may cause the insect to sting or bite. It recommends turning the person’s head with the affected side up to see if the insect crawls out. If that fails, the NIH says, someone should pour mineral, olive or baby oil into the ear while gently pulling the earlobe backward and upward (downward for a child). That should suffocate the insect which hopefully will float out with the oil.

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