When people hear the words “underground home” they tend to picture a dirty bunker hidden deep in the forrest, or a small hobbit living under a grassy knoll. However, in recent years underground living has become increasingly popular.

Underground living has numerous advantages. Homes below the ground surface offer more resistance to severe weather, quiet living space, an unobtrusive presence in the surrounding landscape, and a nearly constant interior temperature due to the natural insulating properties of the surrounding earth. 

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Underground homes are also tend to be far more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than above ground homes.

However, living underground does come with its fair share of risks. The potential for flooding is fairly high in underground homes and requires owners to always have a pumping system available to them.

Here we give you a glimpse into what the underground home market looks like. But don’t be fooled by the pedestrian view. These architects and owners have built themselves mansions under mole hills.

For more information on these underground homes visit:

Villa Vals


The Earth Shelter –

Arc House-

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