BCB International has been at the forefront of outdoor of tactical and survival innovations since the the early 1900’s.

Working closely with Armed Forces around the world to test their products in real-life survival and tactical situations has helped instill in the BCB team the company philosophy; saving and protecting lives in hostile environments through innovation.

Such real-life testing of their equipment has helped refine and define what they believe is one of the best quality and most innovative range of outdoor accessories available today.

One of BCB’s newest innovations in the non-lethal boat stopping technology.

This range of non-lethal fast boat stopping systems was designed to help Law Enforcement operatives to quickly stop non-compliant boats used in narcotics trafficking, piracy or terrorist acts  in our ports, docks or rivers without harming the boat or occupants.

In the video, provided by BCB, you are able to see how the boat stopped bring the speed boat to a halt without causing any visible damage to the vessel, and leaving the occupants of the vessel unharmed.

To learn more about this and other BCB products and projects visit their website;

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