L.T. Wright genesis bush knife
Photo by L.T. Wright
The Genesis in Desert Ironwood with a flat grind (two bolts)

L.T. Wright Knives is a rethinking and a rebirth of a company started years ago. The company has returned with more knowledge, skill, and experience than before.

L.T. Wright is now kicking off this rebirth by offering a Limited Release of their classic PT Genesis Desert Ironwood bush knife.

This nine inch overall flat ground bush knife features Desert Ironwood scales, a polished finish, and heavy duty hardware, it’ll get the job done for you no matter what the circumstances. The craftsmen at L.T Wright take the time to do the little things: making sure the epoxy isn’t just on the scales, but around every bit of the hardware, including the threads of the brass nut, to ensure a completely sealed scale set.

This is a great finish to the 1/8″ A2 tool steel that is used, which makes for a truely superior edge. More improvements are the thumb scallops on each side allowing more comfortable control when doing close up work. The spine of the Genesis is sharpened up like an ice skate so the edge is 90 degrees, allowing the spine of the knife to work as hard as the edge. This sharpening of the spine will allow you to save the blade for fine cutting tasks.

There are a limited number of the GNS with natural handles and a Saber grind, Coyotes in Snakeskin or Desert Ironwood, and Skeleton Keys with or without the Tek-Lok.

Every Genesis Deseret Ironwood comes with a premium leather, made in America sheath that will be as comfortable to wear on your hip as is it in dangler form. It also has a slot for a 3/8″ fire steel.  

For more information on this another other L.T. Wright products visit their website; ltwrightknives.com.


Overall Length: 9″
Sharpened Edge: 4.25″
Steel: 1/8″ A2
Grind: Full flat grind w/ a secondary convex hard buffed bevel.
Handle: Desert Ironwood
Other Features: Thumb scallops, sharpened spine, Limited edition two bolts, PT stamp

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