Being ready for an emergency means having the best gear to help you respond in the wake of a crisis. Whether a disaster is natural or manmade, the following backpacks, flashlights and other survival gear will help make sure you make it through. As you prepare to bug-out or shelter in place, check out the following options to ensure you’re prepared for anything.


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Explorer B99 Tactical Backpack

Explorer B5 Tactical Backpack

Pelican 9000 Light-Case

Pelican 2740 LED Headlight

Pelican 2750 LED Headlight

Pelican 2760 LED Headlight

Streamlight Portable Scene Light

Streamlight 2AA ProPolymer Haz-Lo

Streamlight ProTac HL 3 Flashlight

Streamlight Stylus Pro Penlight

Streamlight Survivor Flashlight

Streamlight Trident 3AA Haz-Lo Headlamp

UDAP Back Attack Pack

UDAP Bear Spray With Pink Camo Hip Holster/Belt

US PeaceKeeper INCOG Backpack

US PeaceKeeper INCOG Sling Pack

US PeaceKeeper INCOG Waist Pack

Wise Company Solar Powered 5 Day Emergency Survival Kit

Wise Company Ultimate Auto Kit



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