Finding a sustainable and portable off-the-grid lighting solution can often be difficult. Battery powered lanterns tend to be heavy and cumbersome, and those that require batteries mean a limited-time worth of light.

SunTurtle has found a solution to this problem with their small, smart, and sustainable solar lamp.

Weighting only 3.53 oz and containing a Samsung LED light that works for 5+ hours on high, this mini lamp packs a lot of power into its small frame.

The SunTurtle has some really clever features as well. The loop allows you to fix the SunTurtle to any standard soda bottle and use it as a lamp stand. It also comes with the patented “FlexFoot” that can be used as a table stand or to attach the lamp to a wall or ceiling.

The rechargeable LiFePO battery requires only 3-4 hours of good sunlight to be fully charged. The dimmer switch lets you choose between 3 levels of LED light intensity and operating time. A 9 foot cable is hidden inside the solar disk, so the panel can be placed outside while the lamp or mobile phone can be stored safely inside a house, hut or tent while charging.

Some of the SunTurtle’s features and benefits include:

  • A versatile solar lantern with multiple functions
  • Clever ‘loop’ to attach lamp to any bottle with a standard cork/spout
  • Includes a flexible tri-pod ‘Flexifoot’ that can serve as a table stand or for visting to the wall or ceiling
  • Can be used as a task light, table light, ceiling light/lantern, portable light, flashlight
  • Semi transparent bottom and light diffusing lense
  • Has a rechargeable LiFePO battery that needs 3-4 hours of good sunlight to become fully charged
  • Low self discharge. Can be stored for years without damaging the battery
  • Dimmer switch lets you choose between 2 levels of LED light intensity and operating time
  • Automatic dimming to low mode at low voltage
  • UV resistant ABS plastic housing
  • Splash proof – IP class 42
  • LiFePO4 400 mAh battery with 1000+ cycles or 3-4 years of regular use
  • A unique and playful design
  • Currently available in 2 attractive colors: Red and Green (Yellow is not yet available in North America)

The SunTurtle’s light features:

  • Light source – 1 Samsung LED
  • High light output: 25 lumen/5+ hours
  • Medium light output: 8 lumen/15+ hours
  • Low light output: 2 lumen/120 + hours
  • LED lifespan: 50,000 hours
  • Light distribution: 120 degrees
  • Automatic dimming to lower modes at low voltage

The SunTurtle sells for $23.95 and can be purchased at

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