In this age of technology, ensuring that there is a reliable power source nearby  to charge our phones and mobile devices on has become a concern of many. This need for a reliable power source is often paired with the want for clean and reusable energy.

The SunBell Solar Lamp and Phone charger offers and award-wining design that serves as a reading lamp, a ceiling lamp, a flashlight and a mobile phone charger. The best part about this versatile lamp is that it is powered by the best renewable energy source in the world, the Sun!

The rechargeable LiFePO battery requires only 3-4 hours of good sunlight to be fully charged. The dimmer switch lets you choose between 3 levels of LED light intensity and operating time. A 9 foot cable is hidden inside the solar disk, so the panel can be placed outside while the lamp or mobile phone can be stored safely inside a house, hut or tent while charging.

SunBell Solar Lantern and Phone Charger

Some features and benefits of the SunBell Solar Lamp and Phone Charger are:

  • An “all-in-one” solar lantern and cell phone charger
  • Task light – when the lamp shade serves as a table stand
  • Ceiling light / lantern – when the lamp head is inserted into the lamp shade
  • Portable light / neck light – when the light unit and battery pack is detached from the lamp
  • High quality DC/DC USB adaptor that can be used with any mobile phone with a USB charging cable
  • 1 LiFePO battery, 1.400 mAh / 3.2V with 2.000+ cycles (5-7 years)
  • 3 High quality LEDs with adjustable light from 5 to 50 to 150 lumen, 5.500-6.000 kelvin
  • SunBOOST3 Technology for Max Powerpoint Tracking / battery protection
  • 1.8 W Solar panel with 3m/9ft cable rolled up in solar disc
  • UV resistant ABS plastic housing
  • Splash proof covers for plugs
  • Shade can be used as a sound amplifier for mobile phone speakers
  • Comes in 2 bright colors: red and yellow

Whether you need a desk light for some late-night studying, a ceiling lamp to illuminate your tent, a flashlight for some nighttime exploration, or a charger for your mobile devices, the SunBell has you covered.

What’s more, in close collaboration with CARE Norway and Tanzania, BRIGHT Products (the manufacturer of the SunBell) have trained 14 women to become “Solar Entrepreneurs” and SunBell resellers on the Island of Pemba in Zanzibar. The women are all central members in some of the 420 Village Savings and Loan groups established on the island, giving them and their local communities access to micro loans to invest in solar energy. On Pemba, with close to 500.000 inhabitants, hardly any rural villagers have access to grid electricity. A normal family spend some 70-100 USD a year on kerosene for light and 20-30 USD on top of that to charge their mobile phones. By replacing the expensive and toxic kerosene lamps with SunBell solar lamps, the benefits for family economy, income and health are substantial.

The SunBell retails for 79.95 and can be purchased on

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