As news of school shootings continue to make headlines, it is becoming evident that there is a need for teachers to have some form of emergency protection available in their classrooms.

Hardwire Armor Systems is now providing teachers with the protection they need in the form of a bulletproof whiteboard that has a dual function of teaching tool and armor.

The armor technology in the bulletproof whiteboard is derived from solutions developed for the Department of Defense. It’s lightweight, durable, and portable protection for anyone.

The bulletproof whiteboard blends in seamlessly with other classroom tools, leaving to negative psychological impact on students.What’s more, the whiteboard functions just like that of a regular whiteboard. Its easy-to-hold handle makes it extremely portable and perfect for highly interactive teaching.

The whiteboard also comes with a hook that allows for easy hanging.

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As for the ballisctic protection, the bulletproof whiteboard is Level IIIA or Level III  per National Institute of Justice standards. This means that it is able to absorb multiple magazines of ammunition from handguns or shotguns without ricochet or injury.


  • 18″ X 20″ Covers the head and torso..
  • 20″ X 40″ Covers the head and legs.
  • Available in white, pink, blue, green, yellow, and purple dry erase finish.

For more information on this and other Hardwire products, including their Bulletproof Whiteboard Clipboard, Bulletproof Backpack Insert and Bulletproof Peel-N Stick Door Armor, visit their website or call (410) 957-3669.

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