Buffalo Snow Storm
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10 counties in the Great Lakes region of Western New York are in a state of emergency after a monstrous snow storm yesterday dumped 5 feet of snow on Buffalo.

The towns south of Buffalo were believed to be the hardest hit, some receiving 6 feet of snow. The National Weather Service said some places could approach the record for a single-day snowfall in the United States, 6 feet 4 inches.

NCBnews.com reports:

About 140 miles of Interstate 90, the main artery running east and west across New York state, remained closed, from Rochester to the New York-Pennsylvania state line. There was no word when it would reopen. More than 100 cars were reported trapped on Tuesday night.

Authorities in Erie County, which includes Buffalo, reported a fifth death, a 46-year-old man found in a car. Four were reported Tuesday, one in a car crash and three from heart attacks, including two people who were shoveling snow.

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency for 10 counties, and the National Guard was activated to help clean up. The state deployed 526 snowplows and 17 large snow blowers.

Workers who have set out to clear the roads are saying that it has become nearly impossible to move the snow, which in such a large quantity, it like trying to plow through a brick wall.

The hellacious snow storm can be attributed to Buffalo’s proximity to lake Erie. The storm is a lake-effect snow storm. This particular storm built up strength as it crossed Lake Erie and dumped the majority of its snow on the Southern Buffalo region while sparing areas of not far there.

While Buffalo seems to have received the brunt of this dangerous winter weather it is not the only region of the country that is feeling the cold.

The blast of cold air moving from up north is so broad that temperatures in all 50 states fell to freezing or below. Twenty deaths in all were reported across the country since Saturday.

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