What you do during a major storm is a key part of your safety and survival, but what you do in the aftermath of a storm can be equally as important.

These four tips will help you and your loved ones stay comfortable and calm when you need it most.

1.Roofing repair materials, including plastic sheeting to put down immediately as well as wood and tar paper for a more lasting repair until you can get a roofer (it might be months).

2. A tire repair kit. Believe it or not, punctures and flat tires are very common after a disaster, so only drive on roads,
and preferably in the tire tracks and ruts of previous drivers.

3. A propane grill to ensure that you can heat coffee, food and water for warm, impromptu showers. Believe me, it makes a great difference to clean up after a few days of heavy labor. If you’re up north make sure you have a suitable heater (if needed) but nothing that could gas you with carbon monoxide or smoke fumes.

4. A gun safe in which you can keep everything you value when your home has been breached, or you have laborers and workers on the premises. A national catastrophe usually brings people down to the disaster zone. Some just want to work, but some just want to steal and live off the hardship of others. It is an unfortunate fact.

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