Some of the simplest and most mundane things can become some of the most remarkable problems in a survival situation. What if your house comes down in a tornado and you are trapped in your safe room for 24 hours before anybody can dig you out? What if the infrastructure is so badly damaged that the water system is disrupted and the toilets no longer flush? What if an ice storm paralyzes the interstate and you are trapped in your car for a day and a half? How will you relieve yourself? It may seem silly, but if there are four of you in that aforementioned locked-in safe room or stranded car, it becomes a very big deal.

Cleanwaste has developed an absolutely inspired solution to this most primal of needs. Its proprietary “Poo Powder” gels and deodorizes liquid and solid waste on contact in fewer than 10 seconds. The fanciest of Cleanwaste’s kits includes a 7-pound collapsible toilet that folds into a portable package about the size of a briefcase. This clever device is stable on uneven ground and provides the comfort, height and ease of use of a standard toilet. This Go Anywhere Portable Toilet is rated to support up to 500 pounds. It can even be had with a deployable privacy tent that is just the right size to allow you to do your business or change your clothes as part of the Go Anywhere Total System. The simplest version of the Cleanwaste system is the Go Anywhere Toilet Kit, which includes the waste bag pre-filled with poo powder, toilet paper, a hand wipe and a disposal bag with a zip lock.  Another option is the company’s Pee-Wee Unisex Urine Bag, which fits in the glove box of your car or your back pocket.

Go Anywhere Toilet Kit, which includes the waste bag pre-filled with poo powder, toilet paper, a hand wipe and a disposal bag with a zip lock.

Whether the situation involves mobile military operations, disaster aftermath, a desire to leave the wilderness in the same shape you found it or simple modesty, having the capacity to manage human waste safely and conveniently is critical. In my experience, many of the less durable members of our society spurn the wilderness for the simple fact that it has no bathrooms. Cleanwaste addresses the most basic of problems with brilliant engineering and space-age chemistry.

Space Age Design

The critical component in Cleanwaste’s Poo Powder is a NASA developed Super Absorbent that gels and deodorizes solid and liquid waste, encapsulating fecal material for sanitary transport to a disposal point. The powder controls odors and includes a decay catalyst with natural enzymes to break down the waste safely. Each plastic bag seals securely and can be safely discarded in the trash. The waste kits themselves are manufactured with a starch derivative that’s added to the plastic to aid in the degredation process once the used kits are disposed of in a landfill. One bag will readily manage 32 ounces of liquid and solid waste. The powder is also available in bulk without the associated bag. A single scoop of this material can effectively gel 21 ounces of liquid and solid waste.

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The Cleanwaste portable toilet system comes with everything that is needed to manage human functions in the field, including a portable toilet, privacy shelter, backpack and 15 replacement waste kits. Cleanwaste currently supplies its products to both U.S. and foreign militaries.
I think back to my days of deploying for weeks at a time in the field as a soldier. In armored vehicles, helicopters or Humvees, this system can bring just a tiny bit of civilization to an otherwise utterly uncivilized world. In civilian disaster applications it can prevent disease, improve morale and protect the environment.

Prepping for unpleasant eventualities is pertinent, timely and, to be honest, kind of fun. While guns, food and shelter are the obvious staples of the modern American survival prepper, at times it might behoove you to think a bit more in practical terms. Pondering the primal problem of human waste in advance can keep things tidy, help preserve sanity and save some serious headaches in a survival situation. For more information, visit or call 877-520-0999.

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