Setter upgrades his gear and kits as new products and techniques come are introduced.

Survival preparedness is big business these days. Terrorists have entered into an unholy alliance with Mother Nature to make survival prepping a pertinent and potentially life-saving undertaking. While the landscape is cluttered with entrepreneurs hawking survival gear that ranges in quality from military grade to rubbish, Scott Setter at SEREBOX offers something unique.

You can spend a fortune on gear and food to insulate your family from unpleasantness ranging from weather gone wild to an unforecast assault. What Setter and his team do is spread the prepping process out so that it is no longer financially painful, and they make it fun at the same time. Some folks enjoy the resources to just purchase anything they might want to ensure their safety in a crisis, but most of us are still paying back student loans, financing our kids’ educations and trying to make the mortgage every month on an ever-tightening budget. In such an environment, Setter and SEREBOX offer critical life support on a reasonable payment plan.

Each month’s SEREBOX has
a theme.

SEREBOX is a subscription service. For $39 each month, the company will send you a box of survival gear. Each month has a theme. There is a common foundation of a little food in each installment. One month might be water procurement. Another might be shelter. Yet another might be the means to grow and sustain a garden. Not knowing what will arrive is part of the fun. At the end of a 12-month subscription, the kit is complete. You can start anytime and you can unsubscribe with an email or a phone call.

To paraphrase Setter, he has the monthly challenge of making each box interesting and useful while remaining a good value. As subscribers can quit any time they wish, it is incumbent upon him to make each and every month a worthwhile undertaking. Thus far, he has had a single customer quit. That customer ran into dire financial straits and said he would be back when his finances improved.

Each SEREBOX comes with a detailed list of what is contained in each month’s kit.

How It Works

SEREBOX is a family business, and at a recent survivalists expo, Setter’s teenaged sons were as conversant and enthusiastic about the products as their father. SEREBOX is described as preparedness made easy through a peace- of-mind subscription service. Shipping is free and individual items are also for sale on the company’s website. During the course of a full 12-month subscription, all the basics of food, fire, water, protection and pertinent survival knowledge are addressed. Setter upgrades his gear and kits as new products and techniques come are introduced.

My first box had the theme of fire-making and cooking. As there is a little food in each month’s box, this box had three compressed energy bars, an MRE-style entrée and several pouches of shelf-stable water. I ate similar energy bars when I was an Army aviator enjoying survival school. They are not the sort of thing I might covet for Christmas dinner, but it is simply amazing how long they will last and how much nutritional mile- age you can get from them.

There was also a folding survival stove, a space blanket and some life- boat matches. Wet wipes and hand sanitizer help keep things tidy when basic services are not available. There were three pouches of fire-starting material and biodegradable paper cooking pots. Cook your dinner or boil water over the stove and then just bury the pot in the woods. Nature takes care of the rest. Each box also includes an inventory data sheet that lets you know what items are there, approximate shelf life and directions on how to use each item. Your first box contains a binder so you can keep all your data sheets together for easy reference.

A SEREBOX is a great way to get the whole family involved in survival preparedness.


Tools To Survive

Successfully weathering a crisis is a function of gear, fitness, training and luck. Some factors cannot be controlled. If you happen to be standing at the spot the asteroid impacts, it just wasn’t your day. Other components of the equation can make the difference between living and dying, however.

SEREBOX is a subcomponent of Setter’s parent undertaking, With Setter’s help, you can acquire the appropriate gear and training to help insulate against those times when the lights go out and 911 offers nothing more than a well-intentioned recording.

In 21st-century America, $39 will take the typical family out to lunch at a fast-food joint, partially fill your gas tank or pay a fraction of your cell phone or cable bill. Thanks to SEREBOX, it can also potentially save the lives of your spouse and children. The expectation of something new, fresh and interesting every month is genuinely fun, and the ultimate result after a full year’s subscription is a splendid survival kit that is functional and cool. America was built on industry, drive and innovation. Scott Setter at SEREBOX is a traditional pioneering American with an unconventional idea brilliantly executed. For more information, visit

This article was originally published in SURVIVOR’S EDGE ™ Winter 2015 magazine. Print and Digital Subscriptions available here.

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