As ice fishing season gets underway, the chance of falling through “new ice” on freshly frozen over lakes and ponds is high.

“Every year, a few people perish when ice fishing, and not just anglers unfamiliar to the sport but professionals who were unable to effectively execute a Self-Rescue,”  says Chris Leonard, brand manager of technical apparel for Plano Synergy.

Anyone who is serious about ice fishing knows that carrying an ice pick is imperative.

That is why Frabill, a leader in ice fishing products has included a free set of their Frabill ice picks with every I-Series jacket. The new Frabill ice picks are designed to be literally worn, not tucked away in a pocket and inaccessible when they’re actually needed. 72-inches of stretchable cord connect the pair of retractable, handheld spikes. Hold the handles while putting on your jacket or parka. The retractable cord slides through the arms, across your back, and out the cuff. The spikes are kept free and clear inside a sheath, only activating with downward pressure.

Frabill I-Series Ice Picks
Frabill’s Ice Picks are meant to be worn under your jacket at all times, keeping you prepared for an unforseen fall through the ice.

Every new I-Series jacket and bib also includes a detailed Ice Safety Label sewn inside. Before embarking on your trip you will already be informed about how to avoid breaking through altogether. The Ice Safety Label also provides life-saving information, just in case that unforeseen circumstance should arise.

Also specific to Frabill’s new I-Series is exclusive Self-Rescue functionality, with drainage mesh located in key areas in both the jacket and bib to allow water to drain rapidly should the ice give way.

Frabill’s goal is to ensure that you are able to enjoy ice-fishing safely and responsibly.

To learn more about the I-Series products visit or call (800) 558-1005.


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