Door Devil home security
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The Door Devil Kit comes with a steel reinforcement plate, a door edge guard, and 2 hinge bolts.

Home security alarm systems are highly reccomended for keeping your home safe from intruders, but they can also prove to be problematic. This is because, by the time your front door’s alarm system is set off, an intruder is already in your home. That is why the first line of defense against a home invader is a strong door.

The standard U.S. doorway has (3) weaknesses that criminals exploit:

  1. The door frame
  2. The door itself
  3. The hinge area

The Door Devil™ is able to compensate for a door’s weak spots by providing it with reinforcement where it is needed most.

Each part of the Door Devil home security kit are made to reinforce one of the 3 weak spots on a door.

The Doorframe Reinforcement 48′ Steel Anti-Kick Plate has been independently tested to withstand nearly 1,000 (foot pounds) lbfs of pressure.The door security strike plate is powder coated Classic White or Premium Brown for professional presentation. The Door Devil™ will fit any standard doorway.

The Door Devil Door Guard fortifies the door jamb, the area where the doorway becomes the door itself. The area around the door knob and deadbolt is especially vulnerable because it has been hollowed out to accommodate the door hardware. Adding a Door Guard significantly increases the door’s strength.

Door Devil’s Hinge Bolts reinforce the hinge-side of the doorway, providing total door protection.

Having a secure door that denies an intruder entry means that they will be forced to attack your windows where your alarm system’s sensors are immediately triggered.

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