StoveTec’s mission is to provide fuel efficient cook stoves for survival situations when traditional fuels may not be available or are in short supply.

By creating stoves that burn biomass rather than fossil fuels, StoveTec is helping to lower the amount of deaths that occur worldwide every year from inhaling the smoke emitted by open fires or unimproved cookstoves.

One of their most popular cookstoves is the StoveTec Two-Door Deluxe Rocket Stove. This stove can burn wood, charcoal, or biomass, making it an excellent option for cooks wanting multiple fuel-use capabilities while still utilizing the efficient design and rugged durability of StoveTec products.

A double kiln-fired ceramic combustion chamber with a 3.9 inch diameter chimney section that enables smoke and emissions to mix with the flame, decreasing harmful emissions and virtually eliminating any smoke, make the Two-Door Deluxe extremely popular with emergency preparedness enthusiasts and campers.

StoveTec Two-Door Deluxe Rocket Stove

StoveTec also added a refractory FeCrAl alloy liner to the inside of the combustion chamber to help protect the ceramic insulation, increasing the life of your stove, facilitating easier cleanup, and providing additional refractory insulation. Both the main combustion chamber door (includes upgraded refractory metal insert) and the lower damper door have reinforced metal frames with easy swing hinges to help regulate optimum airflow.

For those seeking an efficient and well-built cook stove that does not require the use of fossil fuels, StoveTec is the place to look.

The StoveTec Two-Door Deluxe Rocket Stove sells for an MSRP of $124.95 and can be purchased online at

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