Sterno Emergency Preparedness Light Kit
Photo by Sterno Brand
From the brand behind America's first Canned Heat.

The key to surviving any emergency situation is being prepared.

Emergency preparedness means having a plan and having the right supplies that can get your through any emergency or survival situation. Among these supplies should always be a light source, especially fire. FireĀ not only provides you with light, but also heat for cooking and keeping warm,

Sterno, the same brand behind the first Canned Heat in America, has created an emergency preparedness kit that will provide you and your family with light in an emergency situation.

The Sterno Brand Emergency Preparedness Kit includes:

  • one folding/portable stove
  • one 6-inch pillar – burns up to 60-hour; wide base prevents
  • two 7-ounce cans of sterno brand cooking fuel; Each can burns up to 2-hour
  • 6 mini column candles – each candle burns up to 9-hour

All Sterno Brand cooking fuel is made in the USA.

Whether it be a brief power outage, a blackout, a natural disaster or an auto breakdown, the Sterno Brand Emergency Preparedness Kit ensures hours of light that is perfect for all around utility.

To learn more about this and other Sterno products visit their website,, or callĀ (877) 526-7748.


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