When living and working on a ranch, having a side-by-side utility vehicle to get around in or transport goods in is almost a necessity.

However, one family living on a Texas ranch constantly suffered two very annoying and even dangerous problems when using their Polaris. (1) When riding in these vehicles with a windshield installed, they found that dust from behind the vehicle and heat from the motor was sucked back into the cab and (2) if they removed the windshield, we were pelted in the face with bugs and debris from in front of the vehicle, which was a dangerous problem if you were going fast and got hit in the face by a bug or slapped by a limb.

So, they decided to find a solution to their problems. They went to work developing and testing a product that would (1) allow the flow of air from the front out the back of the vehicle to carry away the dust and heat and (2) protect us from bugs and debris coming in from the front. From this simple idea the “Bug Buster Windscreen” was born.

Under normal usage the “Bug Buster Windscreen” resists tears and punctures due to mother natures forces. For over a year now the family has driven their 4×4 with the “Bug Buster” through all kinds of wooded areas with no discernible wear and tear. The buckles and webbing are military grade and the screen is manufactured for strength and durability.

Hand made in America from 30 different parts, the Bug Buster Windscreen is constructed from the highest quality products available for durability and strength.

The Bug Buster Windscreen is compatible with most Polaris Rangers and Kawasaki Mules. To learn more about the Bug Buster Windscreen visit

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