REI Emergency Go Bag solo
REI's Emergency Go Bag Comes Fully Stocked

Emergency kits normally need to be deployed at a moment’s notice, so it doesn’t get any easier than having a grab-and-go back that is easy to store and comes fully stocked.

The Emergency Go Bag is small enough to stash in a car trunk or a drawer. The bag includes recommended supplies for one person for as many as five days.

Containing more than 15 different items, the Emergency Go Bag has multiple handles and includes the following key supplies:

  • Drinking-water packets and high-calorie food bars
  • A separate first-aid kit and respirator mask
  • Gloves, whistle, light sticks and sanitation supplies

The REI Emergency Go Bag also comes with a rescue blanket, tube tent and poncho.

At an adequate size of 14 x 8 x 7.5 inches, the Emergency Go Bag has enough room for all of your first aid gear. The bag also weighs 10 pounds, 2 ounces.

The REI Emergency Go Bag retails for $99.50 and is available now.

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