Imagine that you are rushing down the sidewalk trying to meet a friend downtown and can’t find the address. You pass street after street, all the while getting more and more frustrated that nothing looks familiar at all. You notice the buildings and the nearby storefronts appear a bit more rundown as you keep searching, and the overall look of the area is marked with graffiti, and litter is scattered everywhere.

You turn the corner and realize your problems just got worse. Three rough-looking men, one holding a steel pipe, quickly surround you in an ambush. Your only chance is to make it through the alleyway at the opposite end of the parking lot. The only problem is that you have to go through them first.

What may seem like impossible odds, three big men against one small woman, is in reality a very survivable situation. In fact, with a little knowledge and training, this woman can escape an ambush from her attackers’ trap and most likely take a few of them down hard in the process.

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